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From: Matt Boland And Niranjan Pradhan
(Proud Creators of "Local Video Ninja")

Subject: Easily Tap Into A Sure-Fire Way To Double Or Even Triple Your Local Marketing Business Profits!
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Dear Offliner,

Did you know that most local business owners are "behind the times" when it comes to digitally marketing their business?

Yes, that's right.

The vast majority of business owners are too busy handling every single detail of their business to actually pay attention to new ways to get more clients.

They're still kinda stuck in the "same old, same old" marketing techniques that are outdated and simply aren't effective as they used to be.

Well, today we'll show you a dead-easy way to make them hand you check after check on a monthly basis...while you open for them a new world of possibilities.

The best part is that you're not only going to be cashing fat checks, but you're also going to be helping them generate more new clients and additional revenue for their business (win-win situation.)

We can absolutely guarantee you that after you finish reading this short message, it will be easier than ever for you to land your next few clients.

Get Access To A Set Of 9 High-Quality, State-Of-The-Art And "Done For You" Lead Generation Videos That You Can Easily Offer To Eager Local Business Owners That Are Willing To Pay A Premium For Them!

Here's an undeniable fact:

Video Marketing is one of the easiest, and most effective ways to generate more leads and increase revenue for ANY business owner.

We just can't argue with that.

But here's the interesting thing...

Most local businesses don't even know that video marketing exists and are leaving TONS of money on the table.

On the other hand, some of them might know about video marketing, but they have no idea how to get videos created or where to get started.

This is clearly a void that you can a VERY easy and profitable way.

Look, the profit potential of offering video marketing services to local business owners is HUGE, and trust me...not every local marketing consultant is doing this.

Today we want to offer to you the easiest way possible to cash in on the video marketing craze without lifting a finger.

Yeah, that's right:

You don't have to create videos, hire expensive and unreliable video-producers, nor write time-consuming scripts.

Nope, none of that.

In fact, all the hard work is already done for you!

Proudly Introducing...

Lead Generation Videos For Chiropractors, Roofers, and Plumbers..

Chiropractor Videos
Nagging Back Pain / Facet Joints (US)
Headaches / Neck & Shoulder Tension (UK)
Back Pain / Slipped Disc (US)
Plumbing Videos
Clogged Drain / Drain Cleaning (US)
Dripping Faucet / Leaking Pipes (UK)
Water Heater Repair / Service (US)
Roofing Videos
New Roof / Roof Repair
Roof Damage / Needs Attention
Gutter Repair / Maintenance
Local Video Ninja is a high-quality set of 9 professional, "Hollywood-Style" and "done-for-you" videos that were exclusively created by video ninjas with years of video marketing experience under their belt.

These local lead generation videos are some of the highest quality that you'll find, and are aimed at roofers, chiropractors and plumbers (some of the most profitable local businesses to target.)

Don't expect these videos to be like those most of those other "cookie-cutter" PLR-crap videos that you find all over the place and are usually utter junk.


We spent top dollar to get these created and we didn't cut corners when it came to quality (in fact, you will be amazed at how well these videos are crafted...putting attention to every single detail. An authentic feast for the eyes.)

We can guarantee you that when local business owners watch these videos they not only will be completely jazzed, but they will be ready to shell out hundreds upon hundreds of dollars for them...

Without even blinking an eye!

Check out exactly what's in store for you...

  • 9 "done-for-you" lead generation videos that you can offer to roofers, chiropractors and plumbers that will help them generate a steady flow of new leads into their business. (all the hard work is already done for you...)
  • Jaw-Dropping Quality: Again, the quality of these videos is simply superb! Local business owners will be impressed and that will create a positive & professional impression of your services that will help you to close the
  • These videos target some of the most popular local market niches: roofers, chiropractors and plumbers. These are a target group that pay well, their services are ALWAYS in demand, and they need a constant stream of new leads into their business in order to be successful. Just imagine how easy it is going to be selling them videos that they DESPERATELY need!
  • Engaging Animations & Great Scripts: Business owners love to see high-quality animations that are related to their business and so do their potential clients. These videos were designed & written to induce urgency and encourages viewers to pick up the phone & call now.
  • Training on how to rank these videos: We have training that shows you step-by-step exactly how to rank these videos and dominate the search engines for your keywords. (It's easier than you think!)
  • A Members Area Packed With Additional Training! Everyone that purchases one of our products receives access to our "Member Resources" area that's packed with video training courses, Wordpress plugins, PDF guides, and more that will help you take action and see results with your offline & online marketing. We're constantly adding new products to our Member Resources area and you'll receive access to everything! (Take a small peek below)
  • And much, much more!
Here's a quick sneak peek at our "Member Resources" area:
Member Resources Area

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To conclude, thank you for taking your time in reading this.

We know you are busy.

See you on the inside!

Matt Boland & Niranjan Pradhan
(Proud Creators Of "Local Video Ninja")
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PS. Unlike other "fly-by-night" offline sellers, we're here to answer any questions you might have. We want you to not only have the best experience with Local Video Ninja, but also to help you make more offline profits! Contact us by dropping an email to:

PPS. For a few moments, think about how easy (and profitable) it's going to be offering these awesome and high-quality videos to desperate local business. As we told you before, the potential here is limitless!
Local Video Ninja

Local Video Ninja Licensing Rights:

[Yes] You may sell these videos to your offline / local clients.
[Yes] You may use these videos on your own web properties to generate leads.
[Yes] You may edit & personalize these videos with overlays, intros, and outros with contact information &/or logos.
[No] You may not re-sell, giveaway, or redistribute these videos in any way online to other marketers.